Next to my work with jeans, I use my experience and local connections to develop apparel series for business and private clients.

My special forces are:
small to mid-range
local and fair production
sustainable sourcing

My projects span

high street fashion comissions
contemporary urban dance wear
smart casual corporate wear for the IT startup sector
experimental designs featuring wearable elements.

Corinna Morell designs Denim and other Fashion.

She has grown up in the urban jungles of La Paz, Lomé, Athens, New York, Amman and Berlin. She has a Fashion degree from Berlin, and a Social Science & Arabic degree from the University of Zurich. She currently works on Denim and researches the variety in human leg shape in Berlin.

MORELL denims are sturdy companions in the urban jungles of the world. They are the result of years of trying, revising and succeeding in the creation of high-end jeans that look and feel different. Prêt-à-Porter and Made to Measure.

We'll discuss the visibility of your project:
styles, messages, branding
textures and materials
prints and finishes

as well as
numbers, budgets, deadlines

My services include
Model development: designing, sketching, drawing
Pattern service: basic patterns, production patterns, grading

Prototyping and production management

Let's discuss your project!

info [at]