II. Resources

For our MORELL Jeans, we only work with denims and selvedges from overproductions, essentially recycling fabrics.

We only work with fabrics from the world's most renowned Denim Mills from the US, Japan, and Italy. These employ complex techniques to create high-end fabrics and also strive to improve the eco-sustainability of denim production.

All of our threads, labels, zippers, rivets, and buttons are produced in Germany or in the EU, so we can create a long-lasting product with transparent sourcing.

III. Saving Water

Industrial prewash, stone and acid washes, sandblasting and other pre-aging methods add even more water into the mix. Most of these methods are also very damaging to environment and operator.

This neither agrees with a green approach nor looks good on the final product, so we do not pre-age our products. Features such as whiskers, sandpaper effects, or specific silhouettes will build over time and definitely look nicer if you take the time to properly break your denims in.

Keep wearing your MORELL Jeans! Their material and workmanship will reward you with your own signature look.

Denim Rule Book

I. Slow & Green

A pair of jeans is a statement against fast fashion: Durable, adaptable, and a loyal mate.

But denim production is one of the most resource-intense processes in fashion, using huge amounts of water, pesticides, dyes, and leaving a big carbon footprint.

To make our MORELL Jeans shine, we employ specific materials, manufacturing methods and labor standards to provide a sustainable and durable product with transparent information.

VI. Fair Production

Your made-to-measures are produced in Berlin. Our collections are produced with trustful partners in Germany, Poland and Switzerland employing their tailors and operators at decent conditions.

Hence, your MORELL Jeans don't come cheap and is manufactured to stay with you for a long time.
IV. Acid & Oil Wash

We make an ecxeption for Acid and Oil Washes on made-to-measure jeans, since these can be applied and disposed of relatively eco-friendly for a single pair of jeans. Comes at an extra charge.
V. Organic Denim

We support all slow fashion & green garment efforts. That's why we offer to make your made-to-measure jeans from organic denims. Since these are very pricey and specific to source, we only offer them to order at an extra charge.

In the future, we hope to routinely produce an organic denim line.